The Dangers of Supplement Medicine

If you are considering a supplement to treat a health problem, it’s important to understand the risks of taking it. Some supplements are toxic to your organs. Others, like Multivitamins, may interact with your conventional medications. And remember, most supplements are taken without medical supervision. The FDA can take action against unsafe products. The FDA has a special division for regulating supplements. In addition to safety and effectiveness, supplements should also be accompanied by a prescription from a medical professional.

Herbal medicines can be toxic to your organs

While the FDA does not regulate herbal medicines, some herbs contain potent ingredients and should be taken with caution. For instance, black cohosh, a popular herb used for menopause, has been linked to more than 50 reports of liver injury. In some cases, the liver damage was so severe that patients required liver transplants. Fortunately, the problem may have been caused by … Read more ... “The Dangers of Supplement Medicine”

The Benefits of Cardiovascular Endurance

Vascular endurance is an important benefit of exercise, as all physical activities involve some form of cardiovascular support. It refers to a person’s ability to maintain a training heart rate for about 10-15 minutes at an intensity that is roughly 60 to 80 percent of his or her maximum heart rate. The benefits of cardiovascular endurance include increased blood plasma volume, which improves oxygen transport and temperature regulation during exercise, as well as an increased cardiac output, which helps the heart pump blood throughout the body. This is the most important adaptation to cardiovascular function.

Increases in maximal oxygen uptake

One of the most basic problems in cardiovascular endurance testing is determining when the subject reaches a plateau in maximal oxygen uptake. The oxygen uptake plateau concept has been widely used to gauge exercise performance for many years, but its limitations may make it a poor indicator of cardiovascular fitness. … Read more ... “The Benefits of Cardiovascular Endurance”

Types of Medicine and Health Products Examples

There are several types of medicine and health products that you can develop and market. These include dietary supplements, Herbal products, Phytomedicines, and Botanical products. In this article, we’ll look at some of the more common types of health products. These products can help you with various ailments. But there are also some tips that will help you make your product more appealing to consumers. These tips are listed below. If you want to make a healthy and effective product, you should follow the steps mentioned in this article.

Herbal products

While the FDA regulates many of the over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription medicines on the market, herbs have different regulatory standards than these products. While they are often marketed as “natural,” herbal health products often contain ingredients that are not naturally present in the body and may have unpleasant side effects. While many herbal medicines have been studied by researchers, … Read more ... “Types of Medicine and Health Products Examples”

The Best Oral Care Products

There are a variety of products available for daily use, but there are certain items that can make a big difference to your teeth. If you have sensitive teeth, you should try a toothpaste that is designed for sensitive teeth. Also, you should brush with a soft-bristled toothbrush or a tongue cleaner. Having the proper products is essential for good oral health. These products can be found at any pharmacy or health store.


For a fresh breath, use Listerine. This mouthwash has been around since 1879. It is alcohol-free and helps fight halitosis and gingivitis. You can also use it if you have sensitive teeth and need a less-spicy flavor. It’s one of the best oral care products around and has won the ADA seal of approval. It’s proven effective in combating plaque and bad breath.


If you want to avoid gum disease and other oral problems, you … Read more ... “The Best Oral Care Products”