Aerobic Fitness – The Benefits Attributed to Aerobic Fitness

Aerobic Fitness - The Benefits Attributed to Aerobic Fitness

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Aerobic fitness is the ability to perform moderate levels of work for a prolonged period of time such as walking, swimming and climbing uphill, training with a personal trainer, doing a boot camp. Aerobic can be found in almost all types of sporting activities as well as manual work which take a significantly long period. The name aerobic itself seeks to explain the oxygen that the body is able to take during an aerobic training cession.

Aerobic sessions can help the body to reduce the chances of acquiring diabetes since it enables oxygen circulation and the body organs are able to manage the sugar levels. It can also reduce blood pressure by enabling the body to have good circulation. Another health benefit of aerobic exercises is the strengthening of muscles and enlarged heart muscle. It also helps respiration thus increasing aeration of red blood cells in the body.

Other benefits of aerobic exercises include;

1. Fatigue on the body is reduced and the body is able to sustain prolonged efforts. Due to the fact that aerobic exercises can be done through sports and during work, it is a good source of exercise without much strain. It can enable the body to withstand stresses such as excess heat and high attitude conditions.

2. Emergency situations such as floods and earthquakes require people with a long endurance since they are forced to walk, swim or climb for long distances. Aerobics enable the body to be able to withstand such pressure which is demanding to the body.

3. In children and adolescents, aerobic fitness leads to the development of bones and joints which is a very important factor in the aging process. The muscle and cardiovascular system in the child is able to grow and prevent many ailments. Throw in some weights with a personal trainer and you long term health will be in good hands

4. The cardiovascular system in older people is also improved by aerobic fitness and this indicates the physiological fitness of a person. This also aids in the reduction of many ailments in the elderly. It is highly recommended that older people who have not done much aerobic activity see the advice of a personal trainer prior to beginning their exercise

Facts about aerobics fitness

Aerobic fitness is synonymous with fat free bodies whose weight involves the muscles plus the bones. Being aerobically fit means that the body has a good percentage of muscle as compared to fat and mostly male bodies have more muscles and weight than their female counterparts.

Oxygen is absorbed by the body during aerobics and it is transferred to the respiratory system from where it is circulated to other parts by the blood. Simple aerobic exercises are able to ensure the opening of the respiratory organs in order for them to take up more oxygen which is helpful to the body.

VO2 max is the measure of the maximum amount of oxygen that is absorbed by the body through aerobic training. The VO2 max level is increased as the body attains aerobic fitness and it is also triggered by demographic factors such as age and sex. Men usually have a higher VO2 power than females and the level is at its maximum in young adults and goes on decreasing as people grow older. However genetics also play a role in determining the VO2 level since some people in the same age and sex have more than others while others have less. When conducting VO2 test it is best to do this with a personal trainer or as part of a boot camp as it is supervised and you are more likely to gain more accurate results.

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