Fitness Assessment

The Y Fitness Assessment is designed to measure your present health stage by assessing the 5 parts of health. Since 1963, 2.2% of those athletes have been restricted from competitors due to related cardiovascular abnormalities and in consequence, HOCM, coronary artery anomalies, and aortic root dissection form a much smaller percentage of area deaths.

The Coast Guard Physical Fitness Assessment shall be performed as required either as part of the prerequisites for training and job necessities or as a remedial program for those members positioned on probation due to failing the meet the maximum allowable weight requirements.

In doing so all assessments should therefore be particular (designed to evaluate an athlete’s fitness for the activity in question), valid (the degree to which the test really measures what it claims to measure), dependable (able to consistent repetition) and goal (produce a consistent result irrespective of the tester).

DanTest Fitness evaluation are helpful for analyzing the health of those suffering from cardiovascular disorders such as high/low blood strain, myocardiosclerosis, several types of myocardiopathy, myocardial stroke, heart transplantation, etc.

Included in this service are a comprehensive health evaluation (cardiovascular health, muscular power and endurance, flexibility and physique composition), a personalised exercise prescription, and weekly observe up appointments with our staff train physiologist.

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