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Phentermine is a well known drug to treat Asthma and various respiratory related problems. In recent years, it has proved a boon for athletes and bodybuilders because of its instant fat removing power. It is more or less like steroids but does not have severe side effects. This drug was invented 10 years ago and today it is doing wonder in medical world.


  • Phentermine act as a stimulant therefore rapidly elevates the transportation of oxygen in blood.
  • Also helps in various breathing related problems like Asthma.
  • Reduces obesity by decreasing excessive fat stored in the body thus gives a perfect body.
  • It is quite helpful for animals as well, in fact this drug was invented especially for animals but later it is allowed for humans.

Since it decreases obesity therefore it is widely used by athletes and bodybuilders rather illegally. This drug is not allowed to consume in U.S.A. and in sports world also it is banned by Anti-doping agency (ADA). But various athletes have been suspended for illegal consumption. Besides some celebrities are also find endorsed in its consumption like Brittney Spears.

Recommended dosage

 Full packet of Phentermine contains between 50-90 tablets. It is recommended to take 5-7 tablets per day. Amount of dosage varies for man and woman. For woman it is suggested to have 80-100mcg per day and for man it is 80-160 mcg per day. For veterans it is advisable to take one tablet on the very first day and increase in tablets with each day. It is very important to keep in mind that its amount should not exceed more than 120 mcg per day. And also it is recommended to take a 2-3 weeks break between dosages. Because sometimes overdose not only affects the body but can also paralyses our immune system.

Know the Effects of Phentermine

Today you will notice body builders and athletes across the globe using Phentermine because of its effects and outcomes. This drug helps them to enhance their stamina and muscles and also help them to reduce fat from their body significantly. Though it is a banned drug in many countries, but still it is in use by many people because of its effective results. you can check out  for more info.

This drug is widely used by people to burn body fat. It is like a supplement that helps people to shed extra pound from their body. This drug increases the body temperature and therefore the fat accumulated inside the body gets vanished instantly.

However, it is banned in numerous countries due to its side effects but still the sports people love to use it. It helps to flame fats in the body with a rapid speed. As the fat gets burned the body gets more energy to work hard and also help in losing weight hastily. Phentermine acts as a catalyst to the beta-receptors and heightens the basic metabolism rate (BMR) of the human body. Generally, people who want to lose weight, they eat little. So the regular Phentermine consumers take little food in order to lose weight.

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