How to Get a Perfect Body – Three Simple Exercises

How to Get a Perfect Body – Three Simple Exercises

TV and magazines continually suggest to us that women with a perfect body are thin and toned with curves in all of the right places. We think that they are lucky women; Mother Nature has been very kind to them or alternatively the same TV and magazines try to convince us that they make countless sacrifices in terms of diet and sport; that all that is needed is time and extremely complex sacrifices.

I haven’t a clue how it actually is. I don’t know their life in any detail, but I can explain and show you three simple exercises to do at home that can help you get a first-class physical form with less than one hour per day for six days a week.

Of course you have to accompany the exercise programme with a suitable diet. It does not mean sacrifices and deprivations, but we all know that balancing exercise with diet will result in positive results. (Here I want to include also the mental balance).

Below are three exercises. Try to do them every day for six days and you will soon notice the difference. The repetitions are the maximum number to do in order to have visible results. If you can’t reach or achieve the given number from the first day, do what you can and gradually increase them as you can.

Another important thing: to make the exercise effective you need total concentration on the involved muscle. The purpose is to develop strength and autonomy to the muscle. In the early stages you may not be able to detect the strength developing.

While you are doing the exercises, you will also be training other muscle groups, although in a lesser, but important way! To have more clarity about what you will achieve and methods of these exercises, you can find images on the web site: WomenLogic.


This exercise is very simple to perform. It will make your gluteus round and prominent. It is considered an aerobic exercise that helps you to lose excess liquids and to burn fats, so it will help you to lose weight.

  • Number of repetitions: 100
  • Series of repetitions should be 25 to 50.

Squats also develop the abductors, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. (In other words the complete leg).

Instructions: In front of a stand that is close to hip level (washbasin or sink), hands grabbing the stand, feet at shoulder width, bend until your gluteus nearly touches the floor. Rise up completely and do it again.


This exercise is useful to make your waist slim and your abdomen flat and toned. Don’t worry about the large number of repetitions; we women don’t become bulky in this zone unless we are eating particular foods or we do intensive weight training.

  • Number of repetitions: 200
  • Series of repetitions should be 25 to 50.
  • This exercise also acts to help the quadriceps and hamstrings.

Instructions: Lie on the floor on a carpet, legs just open a bit with your feet against the wall and your hands behind your neck. Bring the chin towards the abdomen just using your abdominals, and then return to the floor.

It is very important to use only your abdominal muscles. If you are not careful you can cause problems to your spinal column, neck and breastbone. In the long term, that is not good for your health.


This exercise can be done by those with a big breast size who want to keep them high and firm and those who have small breasts who want to develop them.

  • Number of repetitions: 15
  • As the number of repetitions is low, I advise that beginners only do a series or two.

Press-ups also develop biceps, triceps, deltoids, trapezoids, abdominals and to a small degree the total body.

Instructions: For those who are well trained it is good to do press-ups with your toes on the floor, but for others I would advise press-ups from the knees. They are as equally effective. Do the press-ups until your breasts touch the floor. Concentrate on your pectoral muscles.

Also pay attention to the case of obvious obesity and problems associated with the spinal column or to the arms.

In the future you will change the number of repetitions based on your body’s needs. I advise you try them for a week and then you can decide if you will continue.

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