How To Get A Personal Trainer For Life For One Low Fee

How To Get A Personal Trainer For Life For One Low Fee

Have you been to the gym lately?  It’s the same old thing.  In one corner you have the meat-heads flexing in the mirror.  Then you have the beauty queens on the elliptical machine with their spandex and make-up on(they are usually easy on the eyes).  And then you have the gossipers.  They do more talking than exercising(and wonder why they’re fat).

But don’t get me wrong, there are some people that come there and get it done.  I don’t ‘hate’ going to the gym, but I do hate it when I have a routine going and when I come back to a machine, bench or some other piece of equipment…someone has ‘taken it over.’  I hate that.

Sometimes I lack motivation too, and that’s where it’d be nice to have a personal trainer.  For most people, when they shell out their money they’re committed.  But trainers aren’t cheap by any means.   pay a one time fee and have them come to your house for the rest of your life.

Let me tell you what I’m talking about.  I have discovered five(there is probably more), fitness guru’s and their routines that will help you get into kick ass shape in 90 days or less.  I mean, these people literally train actors, elite athletes, and the armed forces.  And if they’re good enough for them, they’re good enough for me. 

P90X–I don’t know how many times I saw Tony Horton in this infomercial before I ‘pulled the trigger’ and bought it.  But let me tell you something, after training for 20 plus years, I’ve never done a routine that delivered so  fast.  Through muscle confusion workouts, your body has no choice but to get leaner, stronger and sexier.  Those people in the infomercials are not professional fitness models.  They did P90X and transformed their bodies.  And when you transform your body, you transform your life.

Turbo Fire–This high intensity interval training program by Chalene Johnson will help you get leaner with exercises that burn up to 9x more energy than plain old cardio does.  Every time you push play, it’s a party. The hottest classes and top trainer in Southern California come to you now.  Forget the gym!

Insanity–Some say this could be the hardest fitness program ever put on DVD.  Are you ready?  In 60 days Shaun T will have you looking, feeling and acting like a fitness phenomenon.  If you’re ready for the ultimate interval workout and the best body you’ve ever had…Insanity is the program for you.  But if you’re a whiner and a quitter, save your  isn’t for you.

Kettlebell Training–If there’s one thing Russians know, it’s fitness.  And thanks to Pavel Tsatsouline for bringing kettlebell to America.  This mechanism(a cannon ball with a handle), amazes me.  You’re strength, endurance, and flexibilty skyrocket with kettlebell training.  It’s highly effective for preventing injuries too because so many muscles are engaged throughout the exercises.  Training with the kettlebell is truly a ‘head to toe’ workout.

TRX Suspension Training–How many push-ups can you do?  Can you even do a pull-up?  Or hold your body in a plank position for 2 minutes?  This system(which weighs less than 2 lbs) can be used anywhere and everywhere.  By leveraging your body weight you get maximum .  TRX was designed by a Navy Seal(and you know what it takes to be a bad ass Navy Seal).  But everyone can use and get results with this system.  People involved in golf, mixed martial arts, motocross, multi-sports, personal fitness, team sports, and tennis all benefit from TRX Training Systems.

Every home fitness program I’ve mentioned is under $200.  That’s about 4 months worth of gym membership, that you might go to.  Instead of fighting the crowd, burning up $3/gal gas, and wasting 30 minutes of workout time just driving, get started with one of these fitness routines.  You’ll save time, save money, have fun and get the best body of your life.

You see and hear them advertised all the time.  It’s for a  work.  If you just put in the dvd and push play you’ll be amazed at the outcome in 60-90 days depending on which program you choose. All you have to do is show up and decide how intense you want to be.  Now go burn some fat cells.

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