Best Pre Workout-Exercise Supplement Hands Down

Best Pre Workout-Exercise Supplement Hands Down

Human growth hormone is truly the body’s powerhouse hormone and research has shown that exercise can step up the body’s production and release of HGH.

Medical research about increasing HGH through nutritional supplements proves human growth hormone release is definitely possible with the right release enhancing supplements.

The next logical step is to combine nutritional supplementation and exercise to achieve maximum human growth hormone release. Direct human growth hormone injection risks are well documented and not worth the cost or effort.

However, there is one inexpensive amino acid that is the world champion of HGH supplements – Glutamine.

L-glutamine is a single amino acid supplements that has been documented time and time again to stimulate HGH production. Noted author and pharmacologist James Jamieson points to the fact that research shows a 15 percent increase in HGH from glutamine supplementation.

It has been shown that a dose glutamine as small as two 2000mg taken on an empty stomach with carbonated water will drive your HGH production up, a lot.

Studies also show that high intensity exercise will most certainly reduce glutamine levels by as much as a whopping fifty percent. With this knowledge it would be practical and smart to add glutamine supplementation to your pre-training routine. Researchers have shown that taking glutamine before you exercise will reduce the after exercise glutamine reduction that typical takes place. So the rule of thumb is, if you want to receive maximum training effect and increase HGH production you will want to supplement with glutamine before your workouts, not after.

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