Issues With Hoodia Supplements

Issues With Hoodia Supplements

The weight loss and exercise supplement industry is a multi-billion one and this is due to the sheer range as well as the prices of the items on offer. As a result then, this means that the consumer is faced with very costly  majority of which it should be noted provide a level of results and benefits that can only be generously called “overly optimistic.” A less polite manner of referring to this would be outright quackery and so this means that the consumer will need to be very careful and cautious about what exactly they choose to use.

As briefly alluded to earlier, many of the weight loss items on offer are actually not as good or potent as may have been initially thought or reported. One of the most controversial of these has been the Hoodia Gordonii weight loss supplements.

The Hoodia Gordonii supplement draws the bulk of its items from the deepest, most desolate wastelands of the African desert lands and as a result then, given the extremity of the location of the plant, along with the rarity of it, this means that the plant itself is very costly indeed. With that in mind then, this necessitates that any products that use the plant will also be expensive, by virtue of the large and substantial overheads associated with the plant.

However, there has been a whole range of weight loss products that purport to contain the Hoodia Gordonii plant extract. To many consumers, who already have to contend with the grim reality of limited financial resources at their disposal, the idea of being able to acquire a seemingly very effective weight loss product at a reduced price is a major bonus.

However, the reality is very different. The reason that the Hoodia Gordonii products are so cheap is by virtue of the fact that they only contain trace amounts of the plant extract within them. Specifically, they contain just enough of the extract to legally indemnify the retailer against any allegations of fraudulent advertising on their part. Beyond that, the amount of the Hoodia Gordonii extract contained in these supplements is so little that it renders ineffectual with weight loss.

Therefore, the average dieter and consumer, who is relying upon the information presented to them and who is operating under the presumption of good faith, is being wilfully deceived and duped by omission. With that in mind then, it is imperative that you are cautious about purchasing the supplement.

The potential problems associated with this particular supplement do not end there and this is due to the health risks that the supplement poses to the consumer. Concerns have been raised about the potential and actual consequences that will be incurred in the event that the Hoodia Gordonii supplement is ingested by a person with diabetes.

If you do have your mind set on using and consuming this supplement, at the very least, make sure that you consult your physician and let them know of your intentions.

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