Fitness Level Chart by Age

Fitness Level Chart by Age

A fitness level chart by age can be a great way to determine your current physical activity levels. You can also use a fitness calculator to calculate your fitness level. These two tools can be used to measure your fitness levels and identify if you are at high risk of developing cardiovascular disease. The more physical activity you engage in, the better. The more physical activity you get, the higher your VO2 max will be. As you age, this number will decrease.

VO2 max

VO2 max is a measure of your body’s ability to exert maximum amount of energy. In most people, their maximum VO2 max reaches its peak in their late twenties. As people age, this value declines by approximately 10 percent per decade. However, you can improve your fitness level with sporadic intense exercise. A large part of your aerobic capacity is governed by your body’s organs, which include your heart. Men have larger organs than women, allowing them to pump more blood.

Resting heart rate

A normal resting heart rate depends on your age and the amount of physical activity you perform. It will also vary from person to person. The accompanying chart illustrates what a normal heart rate should be for different ages. Knowing your resting heart rate can help you determine your overall health. If you want to calculate your own resting heart rate, you can count your heartbeats for 60 seconds or 15 seconds, then multiply your result by four.


A strength fitness level chart by age is a great tool for tracking your progress. Knowing your strength goals will help you to stay motivated and focused on your training. It will also help you determine your success if you have achieved a certain level of strength. Luckily, these standards are not too far out of reach. Most people can reach the Good level of strength after two or three years of strength training, although some may need up to ten years to reach it if they have not yet been committed to an exercise regimen.

Cardiorespiratory fitness

The results of the Washington DC VA Medical Center’s recent study on cardiorespiratory fitness levels and mortality have significant public health implications. These findings suggest that higher levels of cardiorespiratory fitness are related to decreased mortality and morbidity from cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases. This new information may lead to routine cardiorespiratory fitness tests for adults. This could help doctors assess and predict patients’ risk of mortality.

VO2 max as a measure of fitness age

VO2 max is a measure of the maximum amount of oxygen you can expend while exercising. Using the FirstBeat method, a person’s VO2 max value is measured by measuring their running speed and oxygen consumption. The age of VO2 max peaks at around age 20 and drops by about 30 percent by age 65. VO2 max can vary greatly, influenced by factors such as gender, current training load, and altitude. VO2 max values can be adjusted for factors such as gender. For example, elite female athletes typically have higher VO2 max values than their male counterparts. However, VO2 max can be interpreted differently by women and men and is not a surefire indicator of sports excellence.

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