Hammer Nutrition – 6 Benefits of Endurance Supplements

Hammer Nutrition – 6 Benefits of Endurance Supplements

Hammer Nutrition is such a unique supplement line. In a world full of cutting corners and making a quick buck, they have supported the endurance sports (biking, running and swimming) for many years. To them it is about the craft of creating great products and not about finding ways to “trick” the athletes. Here are 6 reasons why Hammer Nutrition supplements are amazing.

Diabetic Friendly. How many endurance supplements can you say this about…period? Overall endurance supplements are typically made with carbohydrates and where there are carbohydrates there is typically cheap sugar. What does cheap sugar do? It raises your blood sugars levels and if you are looking for long stable sources of energy, having your blood sugar all over the place isn’t the best plan. Hammer Nutrition uses only stable long chain carbohydrate sources to ensure a steady constant energy source.

Use by the Top Athletes. What many people on the outside looking in don’t realize, is just how many professional athletes use Hammer Nutrition supplements. Not just triathletes, runners, bikers and swimmers, but more mainstream athletes. Many pro hockey, football, basketball and baseball players use Hammer products. Not because they are paid lucrative endorsement contracts, but because the products work.

No Preservatives. Hammer Nutrition has a policy in their company, that if an ingredient doesn’t increase performance and add value to health of the user it doesn’t need to be in the product. Preservatives serve no benefit to the user and thus are not put into any of their supplements.

Natural Ingredients. In the age of artificial this and synthetic that, Hammer Nutrition goes out of their way to use the natural sources of the ingredients used in their products whenever possible. Compare that to the glucose-fructose that is used in so many endurance supplements on the market today.

Taste Great. Now I can attest to this. Hammer Nutrition supplements taste amazing! One of my favourite features are the subtle flavours they have. To me, this is just the right amount of flavour for the proper use of their products and in my mind is just genius. No more getting flavour overload or sick of a flavour during a workout or race.

Created by Athletes. The owner and all the top people at Hammer are athletes. They live and breathe the sport and the supplements. They can attest personally when a product directly helps performance and know the exact needs of top athletes in various sports.

Overall Hammer is a premier brand when it comes to endurance supplements and should always be in the conversation when deciding what products are best to use. It is so great that they are diabetic friendly and won’t spike your insulin levels Also that they are used by not just top endurance athletes, but all types of athletes in major sports. They don’t contain preservatives and natural ingredients are used in the supplements. Finally, not only do they taste amazing, but the formula’s are created by the very athletes that are driving the sport forward. These and many other reasons are why Hammer Nutrition supplements are a force to be reckoned with in the supplement industry.

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