Portable All-In-One Gym

Portable All-In-One Gym

If you’re looking for a portable all-in-one gym that won’t take up much space, the FlexFixx portable resistance band machine is a great choice. This machine has three sets of resistance bands in two lengths to provide a full body workout. Other features include an air stability disc, cork roller, wrist/ankle straps, barbel grips, and a durable carry bag.

Redge Portable All-In-One Gym Machine

The Redge Portable All-In-One Gymme is a retractable bodybuilding bar with durable adjustable resistance bands attached to both ends. It features over 100 different exercises and provides a 24 hour fitness trainer. Its weight is 3.5 pounds and easily fits in a travel bag or suitcase. It has over 100 different workout routines you can try and over 100 workout videos to guide you through each routine.

Force USA G6 All-In-One Gym Machine

The Force USA G6 portable all-in one gym machine combines nine fitness machines into one convenient piece. It’s a great space-saving option for a home gym and has nine different exercise stations to work a variety of muscle groups and fitness goals. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and a wide range of accessories. This unit includes a smith machine, chin-up station, resistance bands, and an adjustable bench.

Nordictrack Commercial 1750

The Nordictrack Commercial 1750 portable all-in-1 gym is a great addition to any home gym. This machine has an iFit Bluetooth audio system, and the treadmill belt is 22 x 60 inches. It has a full-color, capacitive touch display with 50 preset workout apps. It also has an iPod compatible Bluetooth audio system with dual 3-inch speakers. A Lifetime Frame Warranty, 5 Year Parts & Electronics Warranty, and a two-year labor warranty round out this machine’s features.

Flobody Gym

Flobody’s portable all-in-one gym is a small, compact piece of exercise equipment that combines a yoga mat with resistance bands and handles. There are 100 workout variations you can try with it, ranging from lower-body to upper-body workouts. The gym is easy to assemble and includes all the accessories you need for a full-body workout. It also includes a web portal for on-demand Pilates classes and workouts.

Iron Gym’s Workout Bar

The Workout Bar is a convenient and functional portable all-in-one gym. It’s three feet long, one foot wide and one foot tall. It’s easy to move around and fits in any doorway. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to sit and perform all of the recommended exercises. Unlike many portable all-in-one gyms, the Workout Bar is a portable unit that uses leverage and safety brackets.


The Maxfit portable all-in-one gym is a great way to workout at home or on the go. With its lightweight, easy-to-carry design, it will not weigh down a carry-on or take up too much room in your home. The MaxFit also includes a free app that keeps track of workout details, such as total resistance, calories burned, and position. You can customize your workout with these features to fit your schedule and goals.

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