Weight Loss Exercise With the Tabata Method

Want to lose fat, lose weight and get your body in tip-top physical shape? Try Tabata type exercises! What is “Tabata” you say? Well, it’s a vigorous kind of exercise training program that will put you in physical fitness faster and help get those extra pounds off. Weight loss is a key issue with Tabata. But, Tabata is definitely not for the faint hearted, you have to stretch yourself with this workout. It’s an ultimate training program of the mind and muscles.

Weight Loss Exercise With the Tabata Method

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The big cats, that is the professional endurance trainers and body builders use Tabata to get their human bodies in the best possible performance shape. But, you don’t have to be a pro weight lifter or endurance trainer to enjoy the advantages of the Tabata method.

Anyone can use the same principle of exercising as the Tabata method. “What is the Tabata method?” It’s easier to explain the principle but harder to actually do.

For 20 seconds push as hard as you can at whatever exercise you choose to do. Then slowly walk (or peddle if you are on a bike) to rest for 10 seconds, after which do another 20 second hard sprinting followed by another 10 second rest. If you can do this for 4 minutes you’ll be doing well. But, DON’T over do it, DON’T go at this rate right  yourself until you work up to a full set of Tabatas. And only exercise using the Tabata method a couple of times a week.

For years it has been thought, and rightfully so, that more fat can be burned off by exercising for longer periods of time with a lower intensity impact than with moderate or high intensity aerobic training.

However, now training professionals are following the health professionals’ advice because they too have discovered that Tabata beats them all for calorie and fat burning. And the reason for this is because of the extreme high intensity 20 second spurts of exercise followed by the short 10 seconds of rest to regroup for the next fast 20 second spurt. The experts have found that the body’s metabolic rate has reached such a high level during the intense Tabata routine that it continues in its state of burning calories and fat for a longer period of time once your exercise is over, This is probably the reason for burning more calories and fat.

Tabata really is a very high intense interval type of exercise. However, Beware! Hold on before you rush into Tabata. If you’re not in tip-top physical condition or you are older or considered to have a weak heart, this may not be the right exercise for you. I am certainly not Tabata material, but I follow it’s principle by working out with fast spurts, interchanging with a slower pace for a moment to rest and then going at it again for another fast cycle. I do this at a greatly reduced intensity. I can tell you first hand, even that can be exhausting, Let me warn you,  wise with your health and seek the advise of your doctor first!

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